Fried Chicken

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Jan 27, 2016 19:35 Diary English Culture Japanese
Fried Chicken

KFC is the dominant fried chicken restaurant chain in Japan.
Each people eats its chicken once at least in his or her childhood, and most of them are fallen in love in it.
I've just seen a TV show which introduced Fried Chicken, and got a strong compulsion to eat it.
Now, waiting for the chicken in KFC, I can't stop to image the flavor.

If they are KFC enthusiasts, why people don't eat KFC's fried chicken?
It is because it’s too expensive to buy everyday.
One piece costs about 270 yen in this country, equal to 2.3 dollars.
Therefore, when they get a sudden desire of KFC chicken, Japanese singles satisfy their paucity with fried chickens of convenience stores.
These chickens are reasonable and available every time and everywhere.
L-chiki by LAWSON and Fami-chiki by Family Mart are two majors in this field


Sorry, I was just in seventh heaven of chicken...
I’ve just forgotten to finish this article.