Is it Permitted to Enjoy the Day?

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Jan 16, 2017 06:36 Japanese Society Culture
Is it Permitted to Enjoy the Day?

I spent a relaxing time with my girlfriend yesterday in the morning.
Afterwards, came back to my house to enjoy a TRPG session with my friends on Skype.
It was a good, perfect day.

On the other hand, I heard it was the second day of the Center Test.
Center Test is the former part of entrance test to apply for Japanese universities, and many high school students studied for more than one year to enter their purposed universities.
One of my friends also studied hard for a year after he quitted his job, to make his dream come true.
When I remembered that they were challenging the test at the same time, I got a sudden trepidation that it was permitted to enjoy such a relaxing time on the day.