Bequeath Our Clan

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Feb 16, 2016 06:11 Diary English Culture Japanese
Bequeath Our Clan

My family roots from a rural village which is located in the peripheral area of Kyoto prefecture.
It is the home place of our family clan and there is a big and old house.
My grandfather is living there alone for more than 14 years.
After their retirement, my parents will go back there to bequeath the house and nurse him.

The village is beautiful and I always enjoy seeing wild animals and plants around there.
If I am alone, there isn't any problem to bequeath the house after my retirement, to maintain the house and our tomb, and to take care of my parents.
However, my girlfriend is also responsible to bequeath her parents’ clan, and be in the fate to take care of them in the future.
Her hometown is far from mine, and it sounds impossible to take care of both.

I don't have any good solvation.
If you were me, what would you deal this problem?