Fude: Japanese Tradtional Pen

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Dec 13, 2015 10:19 Diary English Culture Japanese
Fude: Japanese Tradtional Pen

Fude is a brash which has been used to write a letter for a long time in Japan.
Before pencil became popular in this country, many people used it to write papers, letters, notes, and so on.
Nowadays, we still use it for very formal letters, for award certificates, and for diplomas.
We still have literature class in elementary and junior high schools.

I write all of my new year greeting cards with fude every year, because I don't have a chance to use it except year ends.
However, I cheat a bit when I use fude because the preparation of the ink is cumbersome.
If I'd like to obey the traditional manners completely, I have to make ink scraping black ink stone in water.
It needs much time and power, however, I use an mechanical fudes which have ink tank in it.
With the gadget, the ink can be supplied to the brash part continuously and automatically.
Some people may say that it isn’t a correct manner, but there is no choice to use it if we have a convenient item!