Gion Festival Is Ongoing!

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Jul 12, 2014 11:02 Japanese Diary Culture
Gion Festival Is Ongoing!

Today, I could stay awake in the morning.
However, I sometimes lost my consciousness because of the hotness.

Anyway, Gion Festival is ongoing in Kyoto.
The event continues very long.
The festival is from July 1st to July 31th.
This fiesta is composed with three parts in my opinion.
The first part is for preparation.
A lot of religious events such as selection of holy children are taken placed in.
Veteran visitors enjoy these activities going around the city.
The second part is for exhibition.
Around the period, almost all of the floats has been ready.
There are a lot of temporary food stalls around the floats.
It's interesting to stroll around the main street, eating and drinking.
Most beginners and the young people enjoy the festival in this term.
The last part is for the parade.
You can enjoy that a lot of beautiful and unique floats move around the city.
I guess this part is for the citizen and businessmen.
A lot of citizens cerebrate that they can finish the festival without troubles.
Businessmen stop their hands with a while and look at the parade through their office windows.