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Jun 21, 2014 04:25 English Japanese Book
Happy Booster

I had read the translated version of "Even Happier", written by Tal Ben-Shahar.
The book told me an interesting idea; happy booster.

Happy booster is something that I can keep my motivation for it.
For example, I like playing video games or board games, watching animes, reading books, drinking beer in my favorite bars etc.
If I have an appointment of a plan to do them, I can continue working with happiness, looking forward to doing them at night.

The book said that I should prepare one happy booster every day.
It gave me a new sight.
I have thought that any interesting thing was a waste of time.
However, the author pointed out that I had to take an advantage of it!

It was effective.
It was a turning point in my life.
Now I can manage my feeling arranging these happy boosters.
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