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Feb 18, 2016 05:39 Diary English Culture Japanese

One of my colleagues showed his wrath about his wife on Facebook yesterday, and many people commented on his entry.
Some support him, but others support his wife.
Anyway, the entry decreased his fame seriously.

Writing down is a good practice to decrease one's anger, but it shouldn't be opened to friends, because they are not happy to see his or her livid.
In such a situation, I will write it in English and post on Lang-8 instead of on Facebook, for three reasons below:
1. Most people on Lang-8 don't know my background, and they can talk about the topic freely and directly.
2. There is a wide variety of people in their ages, occupations, and cultural backgrounds, and I might be able to get a perfect solution from them.
3. Of course, it will be a good training for my English!
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