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Sep 13, 2015 12:07 Diary Japanese English Culture
The Difference of East Japan and South Japan; Instant Noodles and Make-up

Japan is composed of four big islands and many small archipelagos.
The largest and the central island, Honshu, stretches east to west and divided into two parts; East Japan and West Japan.
Until the Edo era, the government was located in West Japan, and it was transferred to East Japan because of the political reason.
And Tokyo represents East Japan whereas Osaka and Kyoto represent West Japan.

Because of the long history, the cultures of the two areas are dynamically different from each other.
For example, it is said that the soups of UDON (Japanese noodle) are completely different,
East people prefer dark soup and strong taste, whereas west people love clear soup and soft taste.
As a result, Nissin, one of the largest companies of instant food, provides different soup for their instant UDON.
It is also well known that west people prefer vivider make-up than east people.
For instance, west girls add the double amount of false eyelash compared with east girls, a research said.
The former also prefers stronger make-up on their cheeks.
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