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Oct 13, 2012 22:33 Diary Japanese English Subculture
Yesterday, I went to AKB cafe in Namba, Osaka.
Because AKB48 is the most famous group in my country, there are a lot of shops and cafes.
Especially, the shop and the cafe in Nanba are bigger compared than others.
We enjoyed the live on TV as if we were in a sport bar.
This is the picture of a signature I found in the cafe.
It was written by one of the famous member, Maiko Nakamura.

In Nanba, there is a sister group of AKB48, NMB48.
It's a little miner than AKB48, but the theater was filled with people yesterday.
I was surprised because there were some women who enjoyed the live.

By the way, Hikaru Izyuin, a famous radio DJ, said an interesting comment about AKB48.
He said there is a similarity between AKB48 and AK47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova-47).
There is nothing remarkable about them.
And it's easy to change the parts or members because there are a lot of spare parts.
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