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Sep 18, 2015 07:28 Japanese English Diary Culture

Kanpo (漢方) is a group of drugs which is used in Japan.
It was rooted to Chinese Medicine because we imitated their technique before the introduction of western medicine.
Most of them are originally made from a body parts of animals, leaves, roots, and so on.
Recently, most of them are produced chemically, but I also hear that some are still made from row materials.
Some doctors promote these drugs for patients, because it was also financially supported by medical insurance in Japan like modern medicine drugs.

I don't have any intention to criticize these attitude, but I will not use Kanpo.
One of the reasons is that we don't know the side effects of these drugs.
Some people misunderstand that Kanpo doesn't have side effects, but it isn't true.
The truth is that modern medicine can't measure the reaction of patients' bodies because of the complex composition of Kanpo.

Of course, there are some Kanpo drugs which is known not to have any strong side effects.
However, such kind of weak-effect drugs also don't have any strong positive effects.
For example, a doctor said that he use Kanpo to alleviate the nerve-rooted pain in mouth, expecting the placebo effect.
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