To Align My Teeth

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Jul 13, 2014 17:55 Japanese Diary English Medicine
To Align My Teeth

I've heard that it is common for Americans and Europeans to get the orthodontic therapy.
I agree with the idea that straightened teeth look so beautiful and help my smile more attractive.
On the other hand. It is just an option in Japan.
Some parents don't pay any attention against the teeth of their children.
As a result, some people have a complex of their teeth when they get adults.

In your opinion, it is also acceptable to start the therapy from now?
Now I'm around 25 years old and can prepare enough money for the therapy.
If I take the therapy, I will be able not to hesitate to show my smile.
The straightened teeth will be also helpful to digest food correctly.
However, I wouldn't want to start it the therapy is too painful to continue the normal life as a businessman.
I also heard that some orthodontic therapies damage teeth.
Furthermore, it's very difficult to continue the therapy if more than 10 years are needed.

If you have any ideas, please tell me.
Thank you!
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