We searched for a baby car.

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Mar 22, 2019 05:53 Japan Diary
For our newborn baby, my wife and I went to Babysrus, a shop of baby items.
The birth will be this August, but we wanted to choose a baby car before we would get busy for other preparations.
I had never understood that there were such a wide variety of baby bars!
Traditional baby cars have two tires on each leg, but modern ones increase smoothness through adopting one big tire on each leg.
The latest one has three legs only, and it was easiest to change its direction.
The disadvantage of the trike was its weight, which made it impossible for us to carry up with one arm.
Finally, we decided to buy a modern one.
All above was explained by a shopkeeper.
It is an advantage of visiting a real shop that we can be consulted by professionals.