As a Phenix

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Feb 24, 2016 05:45 Culture Diario Diary Cultivo
As a Phenix

Have you heard about the gossip about SMAP?
They tried to be independent from their managing office and failed.
Because of the traditional office system in this country, even famous actors or actress has a difficulty to work freely.
If they start as a free personality, these offices regard him or her as a betrayer, and stop to provide any works.

On the other hand, I know an actress who succeeded in independence.
She is Sachiko Kobayashi, an singer.
She was a very famous singer for a long time, but had a trouble with her office in 2010's and was next to lose her job.
These offices and TV studios stopped to provide any offers to her.
Therefore, she started to sing in Nikoniko Douga as a singer, and got more famous especially for young people.
Not only for her beautiful voice, but also has been she famous for her extravagant fashion style which looks like a boss of RPG, and it seemed to attract the young's mind.
As a result, she recover her fame, and sung in Kohaku Uta Gassen at the end of 2015 again.
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