I'm Fine or No Thank You

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Sep 23, 2015 08:48 Japanese Diary Culture English
I'm Fine or No Thank You

Some Japanese expressions are too difficult to understand even for natives.
Because of the frequent use, however, we can't remove the difficulty from our conversation.

Have you heard "私は大丈夫です(Watashi Wa Daijobu Desu)"?
If I translate this expression directly in English, it means "I'm fine."

If the speaker emphasize "私は(I)" in pronunciation, it implies "I'm fine at least but there are some other people who are suffering from something."
This meaning is usually seen in the scene of traffic accidents.
The speaker wants to say that there is no need to take care of him or her, and ask listeners to look after the person who needs help.

From the second meaning, the third nuance was created; No thank you.
In other words, this expression means "I don't need your help please go away."

Of course, (I believe that) there is no Japanese person who consciously cheats foreigners using this expression.
(Even though some Japanese people trick another Japanese with this expression.)
But please note the unclearness of Japanese expressions in your mind.