Study and Appropriate Time

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Dec 31, 2015 06:43 Diary English Culture Japanese
Study and Appropriate Time

Have you had an assiduous year?
Did you succeed in mastering anything?
For me, the answer is “yes”.
I started playing the cello and also improved my English in this site.

When we talk about the subject to study, there are two types: creative study and rote exercise..
I'm not going to talk about which is more important, because both practices are imperative to master any subject.
Instead of it, I want to introduce the appropriate time for each study.

For creative studies, morning is better because our brain is clear.
Writing sentences, summarizing books, planning my future, are good examples.
For rote studies, evening is better.
It is the best timing to study just before we go to bed especially, because we can repeat it in our mind in the bed.
For instance, I can count word memorizing, cello playing should be done before we go to bed.

For the next year, I want to take the full advantage of this knowledge!
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