Book: 統計はこうしてウソをつく (How Statistics Tells Lie)

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Dec 12, 2011 05:45 Japanese English Book
Have you heard of the title?
This is the Japanese title for English book, "Damned Lies and Statistics".
The book told me how the world is filled with incorrect statistic data.

For example, some reports says that about 150 thousands women die because of anorexia, even through the number of dead women under 45 years old is about 50 thousands.
For another instance, some thesis says that the number of killed children by guns is doubling every year since 1950.
Depending on the argument, the number in 1995 should be over 35 trillion!
If we think them deeply, we can guess that statistic data are wrong or poor quality.
They may be arranged by activist's hand.
Despite this, we tend to be believe all of statistic data in normal.

Even still, we shouldn't think all of statistic data are wrong, the author says.
Important thing is that we know about statistics and get statistic literacy.
Because this book is not decorated by difficult terminology, it is easy to read.
If you have a time, I recommend to buy or borrow it!