The Song of Cicada

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Jun 23, 2014 14:15 Japanese English Summer Culture Nature
The Song of Cicada

Yesterday, I heard the voice of a cicada.
The cicada represents Japanese summer.
The voice is sometimes too loud.
But we don't use pesticide for them.
We understand it is a vain effort to kill them.
Furthermore, we appreciate their songs because we have heard their voice for a long time.

By the way, there is a wide variety of cicadas in Japan.
We can identify them by their unique songs.
For example, つくつく法師 (Tsukutsuku Boushi) repeats the phrase "tsukutsuku boushi, tsukutsuku boushi."

あぶらぜみ (Abura zemi) sings "zizizi."

ひぐらし (Higurashi) sing a beautiful but sad song.

I love Higurashi especially.
Higurashi means "the end of the daytime."
The ancient Japanese people regarded the cicada as the insect calling the sunset and gave the name, because it sings around the sunset.
In Haiku field, the insect is also regarded as the sign of coming autumn.
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