I'm tired!

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Jul 27, 2014 19:46 Diary Japanese
I'm tired!

This week, I completed a busy schedule.
On Sunday, I was in Sado Island to enjoy scuba diving.
On Monday, I was in the bullet train all of the daytime, to come back my house.
On Tuesday, I had an appointment with my friend who came from Nagoya.
We went to the public bath and enjoy eating and drinking.
We painted the city red all over the night.
On Wednesday, I woke up early in the morning and brought him to the office where he had an appointment in.
Afterwards, I brought and another friend to the reasonable restaurant.
I didn't have a time to eat with them.
I run into my office on time and started my work.
In the evening, I had to provide a presentation about reading books.
Of course, I had a party after the presentation.
On Thursday, I could enjoy my normal day.
On Friday, I must prepare the party for the freshmen in my office.
Yesterday, I had a presentation in front of the audience.
After that, I got together with my old friends when I was a university student.
We went to the festival in Shimogamo shrine.
Then, we went to a Chinese restaurant to celebrate the marriage of one of them.
Today, I woke up early and visited my co-worker's fathers' house to have a barbecue party.
It continued for 8 hours.

Just before this entry, I could have a shower and had a rest,
My wallet, my body and my soul are exhausted.
It was lucky that I have an extra holiday tomorrow.
I had never appreciated it.