Book: The Ship Errant

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Nov 14, 2013 06:10 English Japanese Book
Book: The Ship Errant

Do you know about this book?
This is the sixth book of The Ship Who Song series.
This series was started by Anne McCaffrey.
She is also famous for Dragon Rider series.
And this book is written by Jody Lynn Nye.

In the series, the reader is able to enjoy strong relationships between pilots and ships who have the brains.
In The Ship Errant, the relation is fulled with respect.
Furthermore, the reader can enjoy cute creatures: Talking flogs and Griffins in this book.
They are very cute and comical.
I wonder if they were in real and be around me.

I had known the title of the books when I was the fourth grade student at my university.
However, I have never read them until I started working.
I would enjoy my school life if I read these books when I was at my university and took part in the literature club.