TRANSCRIPT: A Talk On Ayn Rand Phylosophy. Part 2

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May 25, 2011 06:57 comprehension check transcript
Today I wrote down the talk from this video up to the end. And there are again some blanks left on the places where I failed to recognize the words.

The written part is from 04:33
Blanks are:

Thank you very much!

And it’s innate, it’s innate, it’s part of our evolutionary history, it’s in our genes, it’s baked in, you know. The very fact that our emotions are hard-wired to our facial muscles, that our expressions are very difficult for us to contain, ok? That we know a lot about mental state of the person by the facial expressions, and it’s hard-wired, it’s not something we fake. This is altruism, this is being honest about your feelings with others, this is the basis of empathy and a lot of other things. When someone gives us an expression, we have reason to believe it, ok? And that is the basis of empathy and a lot of other things. There’s a lot of ways in which human nature is altruistic.

Now, it could be argued that we’re, you know, altruistic out of, you know, selfish reasons. That it’s ultimately boils down to enlighten some factors. And I think to а large extent that is true, but I think it’s something that to evolution, because we don’t have time to go through the mental calculations about what’s our enlightened self-interest all the time. I mean, that will be just too much (1)_______to think along and analyze, I think a lot of it is just backed in to our basic behavior that we’re altruistic, our genes make us altruistic for very selfish reasons. But I still think the altruism is backed into our genetic code, all right? And it’s certainly not one extreme or the other, ok?

So if I were to level a complaint of Ayn Rand is that I think her positions are far too extreme and she presents only extreme choices, when she presents her arguments, you know, and you could call them (2)__________, but I believe there is a more moderate path. And I think that’s whether or not we are altruistic or selfish, or whether or not we should have private market or public property, I think this all goes in a case by case basis, ok? I don’t see it as being (3)____ ideology. I think it’s whatever is the most functional, ok? And that (4)______ the operative for that, you know, you find, you know, especially in social organizations, you know, families function, families cannot function without some degree of altruism, all right? So societies cannot function without some level of altruism. So that’s all for now.