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Jun 14, 2012 11:43
The privileged classes may be controlling us.
In japan, The top group or prime minister state crazy and simple things.
For example, although it is clear that it is necessary to search the cause of fukusima plant accident before restarting another nuclear plant,
prime minister state Il agree of restarting of them.
While another politician state It is too early.
The nation's opinion is against for restarting of them.
They agree another politician.
In the end, another politician with nations support may be able to
get high position chair in the political world.It may be the chair of prime minister.

When I see those kind of argue which is simple theme and concerning of nations, it looks deceiving the nation.
On surface, the argument looks a confrontation.
But I cannot help but doubt that almost politicians are in fact connecting on the behind and transferring their privilege among them on purpose.
And that easy understanding argument is nothing but just trap to convince nations about changing politicians position.
They are not competing.They are only keeping their privilege.