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Jun 13, 2012 00:53
I have thought not to try to eat the hamburger which is sold in front of school unless extremely hungry.
I though if it is tasty, eating it must be a habit.I was afraid it.
But yesterday, I ate it.
The taste of it was good unlike the image attribute its cheap price.
As the taste is good, the shop is near,I will buy it whether the price of high or low.

In the meantime.
I went to machiya mart where handle Japanese not only foods but also books,goods,etc after final class on last Monday.
The distance to go there was longer than I had thought.
On the way, I bought the DVD of Japanese anime and my friend had his grasses repaired.
We took a rest at starbacks.
The cheese cake which I ate there was tastier in the sweats I ate recently.
At the machiya mart, I could buy Japanese sake and beer which I can't buy other place.