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May 3, 2012 18:35
【cautionary statement】
This is not diary.Just practice of making sentences.
There is no context between every sentences.

I met the man by chance.

When I her face, it was complacent look.

Traffic enforcer is a few in philippines.

Of course it contains sarcastic meaning.

IF He plead for mercy I would not be able to acknowledge him.

To make bureaucrat get gratification is important for proceeding the business.

He has worked day and night to get the acknowledgement of distribution of those textbooks.

As I was confused, I could not translate her words as she hoped.

I felt spine-tingling to hear the opponent company's answer.

Suddenly deafening sounds sounded.

To hear his getting promote, the colleges got rapture.

There was even one who shed tears.

I could look their intensity of friendship.

He jumped from rooftop.

He was vulnerable by nature.

The flat of versatile hide the flat of his vulnerable character.

I am a man of credibility.

Running is wholesome.

Let's play with lubricant!

This is improvise lubricant!

It is just saliva!