Exercise of using english

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Apr 30, 2012 20:42
Her subordinate proposed to her.

In the Japan, cute males were liked by female more than masculine males.

Grooming is one of the most famous behave of monkey.

Don't tease her while her menstruating. She will get mad at you.

Let alone mating.

Although using pill is one solution, it has side effect for her.

Mouth fighting in that term, guys are much adverse.

Sometimes, she requires improvised dance as a evidence of a apologizing.

There is no sanctuary.

「I got bruise!」「it could be worse」

It so adversity to get married with such a brabrabra woman.

He was insulted. Finally he was beside himself and insane and did escapade.

He was more sensitive more than she thought.

He stabbed his belly with knife. It's seppuku that is the final expression of responsibility.

Without saying knowing other person's vibe is difficult.

Gymnastic exercise is good for resolution of stress.

What a typical method to do seppuku it is!