In jail.

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Apr 25, 2012 01:34
Recently, the number of homicide continue of increase.
It increased the number of trial.
On the other hand the number of life sentence increased too.

One murder said I am man of aptitude, don't put me into jail!!
The verdict said In your dreams!
Don't tease me! Don't...

The hygiene in jail is not so bad.
The difficult is human relationship.
The man who can't conquer it would be teased, In worst cast being fucked by gay.
They like testicle.
The circumstance of no women is aphrodisiac even the guys who has been strait.
Treat is important.
To give treat boss of jail is the one necessary element of living there.
The guy did that can qualify arriving there.
The legacy of boss will be huge amount.

There was prisoner who tried to stop that ugly system in jail.
He suggested putting off that treat system and getting equality.
For sure, His opinion was right.
But it's the bedtime story.
Even outside, The society was made of haves and have-nots.

He was fucked.
The boss and gays didn't admit his opinion.
Modest is necessary in jail and japan.

I used the word of treat.
In fact it is money.
There is a system of down payment.
Although the installment is a little expensive, the modest man can qualify the discount.
Haves and have-nots is genetic problem.
We can not avoid it.