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Jan 3, 2012 23:12
In japan, there is a culture that the Japanese go to shrine in open of year and buy a paper which is written the fortune of this year.
Since I am in Australia, I cannot know the fortune of this year.
So I went to casino...

I have been to casino once in Philippine.
I remember the rule of Blackjack.
I have heard the minimum bet is 5 dollars.
But it was that of roulette.
That of Blackjack was 15 dollars.
I had been thinking to bet minimum money.
After rethinking, 5 dollars ware too small.
15 dollars ware just right.
I started to bet each 15$.
From the start continuing lose.
Small betting was right.
When the ends ware 30$,I bet all of them.
I won!

but 15min later.
Finally I lost all of money.
Today, The cards were not good.
There was not fortune.
I will shortly revenge.