New note PC arrived

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Aug 18, 2011 23:28
I bought a new note PC in may this year.
but, it got a wrong one month latter.
The key of "=" likely to deviate.
And, sometimes freeze.

Although the cost of sending was high,
I sent PC to the repair center.
There was not contact from a center.
I worried whether my PC was being repaired or not.
I got a letter from a center when I just decided to call to the center.
The letter informed new PC would be given to me.
I assumed how rich this company was!
I wanted the new PC but I worried about the data of the PC I send.
If I choose to get the new PC, I had to give up the data.
Although I had copied some important data,
I thought it would be hard to do setting of PC.

I asked to the center.He told me there was important problem other part.
I choose to get a new one.

A new PC arrived today.
It is fun to open new products.
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