Something to drink

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Aug 16, 2011 21:36
I live in the dormitory.
We share the bath,washstand,restroom.
Or,the personal space is only one room that doesn't have a faucet.
I usually buy and stock some plastic bottles of water.
But, In summer,using pace was so high that it was completely exhausted.
I ordered it in amazon.
2 days latter, it arrived to ground floor of dormitory.
I had to carry it to my room which is third floor.
A bottle contains 2 litter of water.
The box contains 12 bottles.
Weight of the box is 24 kilograms.

I strained my back when I did training in Jim.
It was 3days ago.

Of course I couldn't carry a box at one time.
I opened a box, and carried two bottles each.

When I completed to carry all of bottles,
I remembered that the daughter of dormitory's mother is fat and, looks very powerful.
And still, I had many candied in my room.