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Aug 14, 2011 20:25
I met the person whom my senior in my company had wanted me to meet.
As I will quit my company,My senior who know it think that it is helpful for me to met him.

I was taken to some kind of workshop.
I had to write detail of myself.I felt something of wired.
He was there. I was introduced him by senior.
I heard that he is success man.
He has experienced changing job. Then,The advice from this workshop was helpful for him.
The advice was to be friendly with him family.
He said to make nice situation with each oneself family is same to make it with boss of company,If you want to success in society,take conversation with your family.
I felt his saying is correct, but simultaneously I felt something of wired.
His saying is not accurate. And I had question "What is this workshop".
There are about 70 people.Most of them looks housewife and not smart.

When workshop was near end,my senior explained me the workshop is religion of Self-development.It is necessary paying a little money to join the workshop.
He said the workshop has worth to pay money,recommended me to join it.

I think the purpose of most of religion in japan is earning money.
I didn't join it.
After leaved the workshop, I search it in internet.
I found a few awful opinion.
I was shock about my senior joining religion.

But,I don't know everything.
It may be helpful for him.
Anything believing is free.
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