I will resign big company.

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Aug 11, 2011 22:45
I am working at big company.
There are image that the person who work at a big company earn decent money and need not to be scared to be fired.
But,it was notion in bubble.
Japanese bubble finished about 20 years ago.
And, I think there is not the country which experience twice bubble.
In addition to Japanese appliance is exposed competitiveness of price with other Asia country.

I think it is important to get skill of working in foreign.
At least, speaking English skill is necessary.
I will go to Australia to study English and to know foreign company culture after resign the company at where I work.

Almost people contend me not to resign.
But I think staying big company in japan haves risk more than going foreign.

There is a word "boiled frog".
It draws a experiment that putting a frog into the cold water,next,boil water slowly.
As a result, frog dies not to conceive temperature raising.

We have to conceive changing economy and throw away old notion.
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