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Jul 14, 2009 09:37
I work part-time at Taiyaki shop.

Do you know Taiyaki?
Taiyaki is Japanese famouse confectionary.
Here is photo of Taiyaki.
Taiyaki is very famouse in Japan, so we never think about people who don't know Taiyaki.

Some days ago, foreign people came to our shop.
They asked us what it contains.
Ordinary Taiyaki contains Anko inside,as we of course know, so we explained so.
They did not understand us.
They seemed not to know what anko is.
We had difficulty in explaining what anko is, because we are too familir with anko to think what it is.
Anko has unique taste. I can't express it without saying "anko taste".

Finally, they bought some of our taiyaki.
We hoped they liked them and come again.

Do you know Taiyaki or Anko?
And if answer is yes, what phrase is the best to explain it?