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Mar 6, 2011 04:36




やっぱり、フィービーはとてもあたまがいい子犬です。 何を教えても、フィービーを習います。最近、私はフィービー


わって」、と 「きって」を分かります。フィービーは一番贈り物だと思いますよ。

The gift I received that made me the most happy is my dog. Last year, on my

birthday, my husband gave me a puppy. I have always wanted a puppy. On my

birthday we went out together to animal shelters to find a puppy. After

looking at many places we found the best puppy. There were two puppies to

choose from. One was shy and the other was very friendly. I chose the very

friendly puppy. When we got her home, we named her Phoebe. Right away I began

to teach her obedience so that she would be a good dog. As expected, she is a

very smart dog. No matter what I teach her, Phoebe learns it. Recently, I have

decided to teach Phoebe Japanese. Now, Phoebe understands many Japanese words.

For example, she understands “tatte”, “mawatte”, and “kitte.” I think Phoebe

is the best gift I've ever received.