Air companies are crazy !

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May 30, 2012 03:51
Yesterday my friend told me that his booking of an air flight in June was cancelled suddenly, because an air company bankrupted and cancelled many flights. So he had to book another ticket. I felt that it sounded a joke. But it was a true story. I guess that many people are trobled by sudden flights' cancellations.

Yesterday an air company in Asia sent me a link and asked me to do online check-in. So I tried at midnight, then they asked me to pay more for insurance fee which I did not need it. But I could not refuse the insurance, when I booked the ticket. So I was not happy to pay for it, moreover, I did not have my credit card beside me, so I did not pay and gave up to check in last night.

Today I tried doing online check-in one more time with my credit card, then they did not ask to pay the insurance fee any more. I’d like to ask them why and what the difference is between today and yesterday.

What’s more, they sent me a boarding ticket as a PDF file. But the PDF is nothing on it. It is just a white paper. Uhmmmm.

So, I replied the air company to send my boarding pass again. But the e-mail address did not work and I got “Delivery Status Notification (Failure).” I hope that these things are a joke.

Luckily I did not delete the website, so I could pint out my boarding pass. But I don’t have any record in my computer.

How much crazy these air companies are!

Since yesterday I cannot believe these air companies. Maybe I should not use cheap air companies any more, but their price is pretty good.