Two Stories regarding to Gloves. Part 1.

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Feb 16, 2012 02:23
Gloves remind me my favorite Japanese fairy tale. The name is “going shopping for gloves 手袋を買いに” which is written by Niimi Nankichi 新美南吉.

A mother fox and a child fox lived in a cave. It was snowing and was too cold for the child fox to stay without gloves. The mother fox was sorry for it, so she took him to a town in the night. But many lights reminded her about her bad experience with human being and could not enter the town. So she told her son to go by himself and buy gloves after she had changed his right hand into a hand like human. She told him “knock a door of gloves’ shop and say ‘please give me gloves for my small hands.’ Then, show the human hand only, OK ? ”
The child fox knocked the door and said as his mom taught him. “Please give me gloves.” Then he showed fox hand. An owner of the shop realized that it might be a fox. But he had received some real money from the child fox and put the gloves on his cute hands.
When the child fox came back to mom’s arms at outside of the town, he said “Gloves are warm. The human was not scary at all.” The mother fox wondered whether it is true or not. But they were very happy to get gloves peacefully.
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