A Funny Talk between My Father and Brother.

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Feb 13, 2012 17:33
My father often says funny things uncontiously, even though he looks very serious and stern.

When my younger brother was in the first year of junior high school student and studied English very hard. After his English class, he said “僕はグラマーの先生が嫌いだ。I don’t like a teacher who teaches English grammar. ”
My father said “グラマーな先生なんて、素敵じゃないか! Why ? She might be wonderful, since she is glamour.”
In Japanese language, both grammar and glamour have same pronunciation in Katakana ”グラマー”
My brother did not understand what he was said. I think he was too young. “Hm? Not she. HE ! The teacher is a man !!!”
My father said “OK…a man?…Not nice…Yeah, you are right…”

My mother and I laughed at their funny conversation loudly.
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