Why do I write entries on Lang-8.

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Nov 20, 2011 21:31
I have some reasons why I have been writing entries on Lang-8. I am the one who can finish writing a diary note about 30 % of the year only in mother tongue, but I have written some English entries on Lang-8 for about one year.

(^0^ )やったぁ!!!, if I can express my feeling in Japanese. I don't know how to say in English...??? Happy ?

Anyway, firstly, I am happy to communicate with people who live in all over the world. I may not communicate with them in real life, if I did not write entries here. During one year, I feel some friends on Lang-8 as my real friends. Because when I need their suggestions, they reply to me. I found an entry which said “Only comments also are welcomed!” I could understand why she put this message. She and I have been studying second language for communication.

Secondly, I can know many beautiful words in entries on Lang-8. I like peoples’ Lang-8 names and often wonder why this person names this word. They are nice and my favorite words usually. My one of Lang-8 friend wrote “if you enjoyed reading my entry, I am happy.” Although it took some time to correct the entries, this sentence made me happy to read and correct them. Spending time is no problem for my friend.

I’d like to conclude why I like Lang-8, because I can communicate with international people using nice words. Last night, I stopped correcting an entry actually. It was the first time to feel bad after reading entries. I wondered and checked his some entries why I got a strange impression. Almost all his entries gave me strange impression, he used many Kanji-words properly and wrote very well in Japanese though. I felt his entries are aggressive, even with correct and non-aggressive words. Writing essay by using proper words is important to express messages, but maybe it is not the most important thing. The messages express some more important things like regarding to personality behind the essay. These things are very interesting for me to learn via Lang-8.

Question: Could you please tell me you understand what I meant? I am not sure 100% why I got strange impression via the entry...
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