Could I have your opinions ?

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Nov 14, 2011 00:36
I am wondering if non-native English speakers use the dirty-slang English words often, what kind of impression do you have? Do you think she can speak English very well?

When my corridor mates and I had to discuss about dumped garbage inside of our corridor, a lady used many slang words in her comments. Actually, during a year and a half, she did not talk to us. When we had corridor parties several times and invited her, she did not reply at all. So I was surprised that she joined the meeting of the garbage and spoke a lot. In particularly, she explained how to use a microwave, since she had burned it a few month ago and did not clean up. In addition, bread should not put into the microwave! They don’t have enough moisture and only burn. ^^

Anyway, when she opened her mouth, every comment included slang: everybody knows (slang) garbage should not put in the corridor. The (slang) microwave should keep clean…e.t.c.

Before I talked with her in the meeting, I did not have any impression about her or little impression as a shy lady. But now she gave me impression like a heroine of Erin Brockovich or a hero in Die Hard. Actually I stopped studying English using these movies, because of many slang words.

Could you please tell me your opinions whether you would get good impression or feel nice when non-English speakers use many English slang? (In addition, I guess that she might be around 30 years old…not a teenager.)