Our World: The land where 4.8 billion people live

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Dec 1, 2009 12:03
This is my translation of a textbook from way back when [from japanese to english] so some of the information is obviously outdated, but its good practice. Please if you can correct any mistakes. Thanks in advance.

The people that spread across the land

Now, about 4.8 billion people are living on the Earth. It is said that more than 2 million years ago mankind's ancestors emerged on Earth. After a long time, the differences between races developed. Between 7-9 thousand years ago, things such as agriculture and stock-farming lifestyles came to pass, and cultures in which language developed arose. People moved searching for new land to build a "home", and while they adapted their lifestyles to suit each climate, these particular lifestyles spread. Thus, nowadays, besides far away lands, tall mountains, deserts, tropical forests about 90% of the World's land has become the living place of man.

Various Tribes

Through mankind's long history, things such as the customs of the lifestyles that began to provide human necessity, language, and religion various differences arose among the World's people. As such, in aspects of cultural groups of people living the same lifestyle came to be known as tribes. As for the World, groups of various tribes spread, they lived their lives each having their own special characteristics. When talking about East Asia's people, the various tribes split into Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Mongolian, etc. In West Asia there are many Arab tribes. As for Europe's people, the people split into the German, Latino and Slavic people. Also in Africa and America many tribes exist.