Child Abuse

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Jun 13, 2019 00:11 child abuse
Recently, I have often heard news of child abuse. When I hear the news, I always feel sad and angry at the parents who abuse their children. A few days ago, a 10 year old girl were killed by his father. He had abused her for a long time like beating her, throwing a cold shower and making stand for hours. She asked help for her school and a child consultation center but they couldn't save her life. One reason of that is because he insisted his actions like that were home discipline. Japanese society tends to admit slight physical punishment as discipline. Of course, his actions were obviously not home discipline but violence.

After that case, the Japanese government considers whether they make a new law that prohibit any physical punishment in the family. However some people thinks they need slight physical punishment and says that how they should do if their children are very bad and don't listen to what they say. What do you think about that?