Horrible miso soup

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Dec 4, 2011 00:43 Japanese horrible miso supe joke
I drank horrible miso soup. My friend was scared and asked me why the miso soup was horrible. I said that because I drank miso soup which enclosed some dry glutens. Do you know this Japanese joke? It is a joke when I did in my childhood . Horriblu miso soup is 「恐怖(きょうふ)の味噌汁」 in Japanese. 「恐怖(きょうふ)の味噌汁」 has two meanings by the point where the sentence is separated. One is 「恐怖(きょうふ)の味噌汁」、its meaning is horrible miso soup in English. Another one is 「今日(きょう)、ふの味噌汁」、its meaning is that 「Today’s miso soup is enclosing dry glutens」 in English. 「ふ」 is a dry gluten.
I will introduce another example 「おもしろい犬」. One is 「面白(おもしろ)い 犬」、it's meaning is a funny dog in English. The other is 「尾(お)も白(しろ)い犬」、it's meaning is a dog which also have a white tail in English. I have heard a similar English joke from an American old movie. It is that he knows a man with a wooden leg named smith. This sentence also change the meaning by the point where the sentence is separated. By the way, is this an American joke famous and funny for American?