Hmm... I'm confused. Help me please!

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Jun 8, 2011 04:42
I was on this site and I found something that confused me:

"This time we will learn counters for counting spans of time, days, months, and years. The basic counter for a span of time is 「間」, which is read as 「かん」. You can attach it to the end of hours, days, weeks, and years. Minutes (in general) and seconds do not need this counter and months have a separate counter, which we will cover next.

(1) 二時間四十分 (にじかん・よんじゅっぷん) - 2 hours and 40 minutes
(2) 二十日間 (はつかかん) - 20 days
(3) 十五日間 (じゅうごにちかん) - 15 days
(4) 二年間 (にねんかん) - two years
(5) 三週間 (さんしゅうかん) - three weeks
(6)  一日 (いちにち) - 1 day

As mentioned before, a period of one day is 「一日」(いちにち) which is different from the 1st of the month: 「ついたち」. "

Okay, why would the period of one day be pronounced as いちにち which is different from the first day of the month, ついたち, while a 20 day time period would be pronounced like the 20th day of the month (はつか)かん? Is 一日 just an acception and all the other spans of time are taken from the days of the month? Thanks! Sorry if I'm confusing you too lol.