Manga project for school.

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Oct 24, 2011 04:16
In my Japanese class, we are making a horror manga for Halloween. It has to be all in Japanese, and we are allowed to use whatever resources we need. I need to create a back cover (with the summary) and I wanted some help translating it into Japanese. However, I need to know all the kanji, so if you do translate it for me, I still have an extra step so you won;t be giving it away completley.

Please help me translate:

When Nishikawa Sakura's family is slaughtered by 黒猫, she runs to her friend Miyu's house. She tells Miyu what happened while crying a lot. Miyu had heard a similar story before. She remembers an old book she read when she was younger. Sakura reads it. The book tells how 黒猫 has kiled many families. It also tells how to defeat 黒猫. She returns to her home. 黒猫 and sakura have a fierce battle... read the manga to find out what happens!