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Sep 15, 2011 14:32
I wanted to tell my Japanese penpal about geocaching, and I need help with the harder lines.

Geocacheを しって いますか?

Do you know about geocaching?

Geocaching は 楽しい です。

Geocaching is fun.

Geocache は 隠された(かくされた)宝(たから)。

A geocache is a hidden tresure.

------- I need help with the rest please--------

You find the hidden tresure by using a gps system to go to the exact coordinate points.

It is usually at the end of a long hike or on a trail.

There is only one rule, once you find the treasure, you must replace it with something of equal or more value.

Sometimes the treasure is cool, and other times the treasure is just junk.

You can learn more about geocaching on the official site, www.geocaching.com

--------- ありがとう!!!-------