Penpal letters.

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Sep 5, 2011 06:30
In my class, we have penpals from Japan. We write back an English response and a Japanese response. Please correct my mistakes!

Dear Reiki-chan,
玲貴ちゃん へ、

Thank you for the letter.
手紙を ありがとうございます。

I was really happy when I recieved it.
(I don't know how to say this, so please tell me how)

Baseball is fun to play, but I like soccer and karate more.
(In their letter, they say they like baseball, so I wanted to say this back. I only know how to say 野球, 空手, and サッカー though. Please help!!)

Do you like music?
あなたは 音楽 が 好き です?

I love k-pop and J-pop.
K-pop と J-popが 大好き です。

I'll tell you about my summer vacation.
私の Summer vacationに ついて お話しまう。

I did more than I thought I would.
(I don't know how to say this. Help.)

I practiced kanji every day.
私は 毎日に かんじ 練習しました。

I also went to San Francisco, California.

There was a lot to do there.

I saw the golden gate bridge, went to the beach, rode trollis, busses, and cablecars, went to shops in chinatown, littleitaly, and Japantown, and a lot more.
(Sorry it's really long but I'd really like help, especially because I still have a hard time with te forms.)

I liked Japantown a lot, but I wish I could go to the real Japan sometime too!
(Need help with this, too.)

What did you do this summer vacation?

Take care.
お元気 で。

Your friend,
あなたの 友達、


(Please edit!!! THANKSS!!)
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