美国的频谱快完了 - We are running out of spectrum

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Jun 29, 2012 02:19
在美国,智能手机,比如iPhone和凭Android的手机,快崛起了。这个增幅对我们的无线网路加很大的压力。我们的频谱快完了!这之所以这智能手机其实是小的电脑,能办很多数据,因此我们客户一直让它们处理很多。你在你的手机可以下载你最喜欢电视节目的视频,看看。你也可以下载,发送给其他的人歌曲,照片。这个都消耗不少贷款。除了智能手机,还有iPad和凭Android的平板电脑出现了。每个人想平板电脑和智能手机因为它们俩非常方便,很好玩儿。据估计,智能手机的频谱用量比“笨手机”的二十四多了倍。平板电脑呢?120多了倍!2011年是第一年卖的移动电器超过卖的电脑。跟预计,未来五年智能手机的通信量会增长多了十倍。现在我们在利用百分之八十的频谱的容量。吧这那么高增长率,可能到2014年我们的频谱用光了!因此,FCC(Federal Communications Commission,用中文联邦通信委员会)在评估怎么高效的重分配频谱。委员会们希望重分配频谱会满足我们的带宽要求。还有,他们预测也会刺激经济,吧GDP(国内生产总值)加数十亿美元,因为无线公司肯定要投资好多钱。并且,也会创造数十万创业的机会。这些发展都很激动,不过我就在想出,我怎么发财呢??

In the U.S., the sharp rise of smart phones such as the iPhone and Android-based devices is putting a lot of pressure on our wireless networks. We are running out of frequency spectrum. This is because these smart phones are actually tiny computers and can process a lot of data, so we keep feeding them data. You can download a video of your favorite TV show and watch it on your phone. You can also download songs and pictures and send them to others. All of that takes a lot of bandwidth. On top of cell phones, iPads and Android-based tablets have also entered the picture. Everyone wants a smartphone and a tablet because they are so convenient! It is estimated that a smartphone uses 24 times more spectrum than a "dumb" phone. A tablet? 120 times more! In 2011, for the first time, more mobile devices were sold than personal computers. In the next five years, the data traffic for smart phones is expected to increase 10 times. Right now we are utilizing 80% of our total frequency spectrum capacity. At the pace we are going, we might run out of spectrum by 2014! Therefore, the FCC is evaluating ways to reallocate the spectrum more efficiently. They hope that by redistributing the spectrum we will be able to have more room for our bandwidth demands. Also, they expect it will stimulate the economy with several hundred billions of dollars in spending by the wireless companies, as well as the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs. What I am trying to figure out is, how do I make a lot money off of this??

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