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Mar 23, 2011 02:53
Sunday was a sunny day. I and my university classmate decided to go to national palace muzeum to see the exhibition of Marc Chagall.vOriginally, Melissa would love to go with us. Because we have the coupons to see it at the half price that's buy one ticket get one free. So we have to go there together as 2 people or 4 people.(一定要偶數) Since we only have 3 people, I asked a Russian girl to go with us. She didn't reply my mail and I natrually took her no response as a no.

Saturday Melissa wrote a facebook message to ask if we can go on Monday or Tuesday instead because she forgot she had to go to a wedding on Sunday. But my friend needs to work on weekdays, so it's impossible for us to go then. It's pity that she can't go together but I am fine with this situation. I havn't meet my friend for a while and want to have a wommen's talk with her.

On sunday morning, the Russian girl texted to me she would love to go with us and asked the meet place and time. I was happy but a little surprised by her text. Now, we have 3 people again. What can I do? I went online immediately and asked if there was anybody also wanted to go with us to share the half price. Luckily, a girl responded to me quickly. I felt relieved.

But when I was on the halfway to the museum, the Russian girl texted me again to say that her friend was still sleeping, so they probably came here later. I was really surprised by that. She didn't tell me her friend would come together. And I already asked a stranger to come. Then, the stranger texted to me she was leaving to the museum now, I decided to lie to her on receiving her text.

I told her we've already got there and one of my friend's had a date later, so we couldn't wait for her. She sent me "np" back to me. I was like what the fxxking busy morning?

When I met my friend at MRT, I felt I couldn't wait to tell her the whole story. Surprisily, the girl was on the same bus and sitting the very place in front of us. She interupted my talk angrily. I would say that was the most embarressing moment of my life , even more than I pass through my mom's vagina.