The third wedding invitation of this year

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Mar 22, 2011 18:09 wedding
Last night I saw my friend’s newest update on facebook informed us her wedding date is on 6/6. Last week, when we met at another friend’s wedding, she just told us hers is still undecided. I was happy then, because I really don’t have much money to give her as my wishes

But do I really feel happy for her? The answer is definitely no. Actually I think her boyfriend is not a good option as a husband. He is a cheater. How they met each other basically was because he cheated on his ex-gf. He was a two timer. No, He is. No. I can’t decide which time tense should I use in this case.

He had a girl friend of being together for 5 years. After he knew my friend, he decided to break up with her. He was a good boyfriend ( I am not sure) , and was really nice to my friend. Although my friend always tell me he knows a lot of things but I really can’t feel any of it. Maybe it’s because I am just too smart. Haha.

What comes around goes around,(is it right here?) After 5 years, he knew another girl and cheated again. His love will be expired within 5 years. Besides, he has another problem and I think this is the very reason why a girl shouldn’t marry him.

He was born on a rich family, so he doesn’t need to work hard to make a living. The first job he got was when his 29 years old. Can you believe that? And my friend even had bought a house in Taipei already. She told me she doesn’t care about her salary is much more than him. But I think the problem is not about the salary, it’s about the attitude. He is not down to earth at all. HE ALWAYS DREAM TO MAKE MONEY BY THE FASTEST WAY .It’s so unrealistic. I really don’t like this guy, and think my friend will only end up being heartbroken again.

I don’t understand why she still wants to marry him, especially she has a trust issue now. She tole me she finds herself seem can't truelly trust him anymore. Maybe she is just tired of working and thinks getting marry can change something, like he will stop cheating sort of thing. Marriage won’t make anything cool magically appear expect for babies. Also,it can’t fix the problem for you. What if he cheats again? She is just too good for him. She doesn’t need to risk her rest life for such a guy. My friend is very beautiful and there is a bunch of guys like her. Maybe he has a big dick. but it’s totally not worthy at all.

Repeat, he is not worthy at all. Over.