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Mar 18, 2011 03:46
After finishing my annoying job, I decided to go jogging for a while. I planed to run about 1200 meter, that's 3 circles of the playground.(操場的三圈). I know running for only 1200m is definitely not enough if you want to lose weight. But since I haven't ran for a long time, I think I had better not force myself too hard at the beginning , or I will only give it up very easily.

However, I ended up running for 2000 meter. I didn't feel any tired and actually it's not a problem for me to continue it. The reason why I didn't continue is it was already 11:30pm here. My stupid part time job won't finish until 10:00pm. So actually I've struggled inside my head. Should I start my plan tonight? Or maybe I should start it tomorrow because I will be day-off ealier than today. But I don't want to find any excuses for me, and think what I have to do is RUN immediately.

I felt very good after runnuing that short dictance. I didn't lose my breath and feel like i just start warming up. I was hoping I can have the runner's high in the future. My net-friend(網友,don't know how to say it in English), who loses 20 ponds within one and a half month told me I have to run for at least half hour everyday and eat less than before. I don't appreciate it ! He is a boy, so he doesn't have the problem with the breast. For we girls, we always have the dilemma situation of losing weight and maintain our breast size at the same time. How tough is our lives! If I try a diet plan I am sure what I am going to lose is my breast. So I would rather exercise more than to eat less.

Honestly, I am super hungry right now and desperate for some cookies. I even can't remember what I've had for dinner. Am I facing another struggle again?