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Mar 16, 2011 01:50 tutor fat
I felt lazy and tired lately. I must be cursed last week. All of my studetns cancelled the classes. The amount of money I eared last week was zero. How could it be? I couldn't help but thinking am I really a qualified chinese teacher? I was obsessed by those negative thoughts and trying to find some part-time jobs at the same time. Luckily, I got another short-term job, but everytime I went to work, I would become very impatient. I really hated it, but it's life.

Today I met Katie, the newest student of mine. She is an Amercian too. I really liked her at the very first time we met. She is cute and willing to share her life. Today we talked about her date person. And this was her first time to date with a Taiwaese guy, so she wants me to give her some advices. Actually, I think what she need is talk to others rather than to get some advices. I think I like her way to deal with relationship. She told me she doesn't know if she likes the guy or not yet, she needs more time to think it clearly. And she doesn't want to lead him on. Before she explained it to me, I don't know what's lead him on. But I think in Chinese, we will say this situation 搞曖昧gao ai mei. I am still not sure it's right ot not.

When the first time I saw her, I didn't think she is beautiful. But now, she straightens her hair and I found this hairstyle is really good for her. This week, I didn't study any English, so I have difficulty to write an entry even it's a simeple one like this.

I have another bad news. I found I am fatter than before by 8 kg. It's all because of the milk tea. No wonder I've become very unhappy these years. The best way to lose weight is jogging. But can I say if you can walk slowly and comfortabably, what's the point to run and get out of breath? Not to mention my legs are really short. I love dancing, but I hate jogging. However, I have no choice but to run. It's the cheapest way to lose weight. If I can go to dancing classes every 2 days, I can lose weight quickly and happily. But since I am poor now, I am unlikely to afford the fee.

How miserable I am? Poor and fat!