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Mar 9, 2011 04:42 food
The weather is a little colder than a couple of days ago. So it's the perfect time to have hop pot. Today I went to eat hot pot with my students and her Amercian friend. Actualy I am a little worried about my financial situation though I like hop pot very much. We went to an all you can eat restaurant, and the price is NT550 for per person, which is an equal to 15 us dollors. As both of my two students cancelled the tutorial class, I didn't get any money today.

The day that we went to Danshui was also one of the God's birthday. It governs the money, so everyone will go to the temple on its birthday to pray for more money. I also went to a famous temple on that day though I was really tired after the trip of Danshui. And its location is almost in half of mountain, so it was very scared to get off there by myself. After my students' cancellation, I was wondering did I do something wrong to make the God angry at me? Tutoring job is really an unstable one.

Today I decided to speak more English than before. But I found that I almost can't understand her English. It's so strange that I can understand my student's English but can't catch her friend's. I think it's partly because that she speaks too quickly and partly because that she speaks in a more native speaker way.

I asked her did she miss America ? She said absolutely no, and I didn't understand what she said the next. haha. Besauce the restanrant is too popular, we had to wait for like half hour. Both of them ran out of their money, so they went to a ATM to get some money. When they went back, they told me they just met a nice Taiwanese guy to show them the direction to the Bank. The Taiwanese guy asked my studnts's phone number, and she gave him. She asked me does she have to call him to say thank you? I said no, he will definitely call you.

I was right. She got his text right after we left the restaurant. My student told me yesterday there was one Taiwanese guy took them to another famous sightseeing spot. Althogh she appreciated his being friendly, she just could't understand why he was so friendly to her. I feel shame by these kind of Taiwanese. They are friendly to foreigners especiall to white people and will seize every chance to make friends with them. We know it very clearly that it's all because their skin color rather than their personality. Some white people are really not cold at all. But what's worse, many white people in Taiwan have already sensed about this.

I think I've writen too much today though I haven't done yet, the users here probably don't have patience to read it over. Why I can't go to sleep at the right time? It's almost 3:40am here, and I feel not sleepy at all!!!!! Maybe I should just move to Poland or South Africa to have a normal life.